Why Do Muslim Women Wear The Headscarf (Hijab)?

First of all, think of the first thing that you think of when it comes to Muslim women-they’re normally covered up in such a way that you cannot see their hair and a large part of their body. If they are from the U.S. or Africa, you may notice that they wear regular clothing with their scarves and head coverings. It’s up to the woman, where she is from, and what she is most comfortable with. Some women prefer a more covering dress while others are more partial to a pair of slacks and nice shirt that covers everything.

Then you have the choice between what patterns that you have. If you traditionally wear an abaya, you can choose whatever color that you want, although it is suggested that you have one of every color since you will have a wider and more hijabs in dubai variety.

Nylon tulle is the most preferred choice amongst bridal veils. This type of design has minuscule holes in the shape of diamonds. A more expensive form of material for a bride’s veil is the silk tulle. The silk tulle is expensive and is available in selective retailers. This type of fabric is durable and long lasting and usually passed on to the next generation.

However, in Indonesia, the meaning of the Jilbab gets to vary slightly from its traditional meaning. In this country, the jilbab is known simply as a head scarf. This head scarf may or may not have a visor on it, which is a value added feature meant to help in protecting the skin on the face from the harsh sun.

In Islam it is necessary for the Muslim women to wear a hijab dubai whenever they are outside of their home or in the presence of other men. By wearing the hijab Muslim women get various benefits for herself as well as to the society as a whole. It is a modest dress for Muslim women. The misconception about the Muslim women that they are forced to wear hijab is absolutely wrong. It is simply worn because they belief in God and think that they are following the principle of clothing given by God.

It is well known that a Muslim women’s attire must meet the requirements like: Her clothing must not be tight, her clothing must not be sheer, her clothing must not reveal the shape of her body, and her clothing must not resemble clothing that is primarily worn by men. So the letter ‘a’ stands for ‘attire’.

But in case a Don Juan was to come to India he would be bewildered with the various dresses in vogue and undressing an Indian girl would need a fair amount of study. To start with the women and girls from North India prefer a Shalwar kameez or shirt. The Shalwar has many variations but in its basic form is like a loose trouser with a cord tied around the waist of the girl to hold the shalwar in place. A north Indian girl will wear a shirt or kameez over the shalwar.The kameez may be full or half sleeved.

I hope that this clears the misconception about why Muslim women wear the hijab. Of course you have some cases where the women are forced to wear it, but that is not the norm. Some women choose to cover up even more for they feel that it might bring them more obedient to God.

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