What do I have to avoid after my Lasik eye surgery in Delhi?

Once you have got the Lasik eye surgery, there are a lot of changes that you will be experiencing. It is important that you adhere to the safety measures that your doctor has listed out for you. Getting Lasik surgery also implies that you will have to take its costs (know more: https://visualaidscentre.com/service/lasik-surgery-cost-india/) into account in India. This can also be a determining factor for many. The amount you spend on regular eye check- ups, spectacles, contact lenses, etc. as opposed to the costs of this surgery. They are sometimes an important step for those who have an extremely high power. Lasik surgery will remove the constant strain you have because of specs. Since our entire world is online and most of us have desk jobs, it has really impacted our vision. Therefore, these are some factors you have to consider while deciding anything for this surgery. 

Since it is your vision that is involved, there are some precautions you will have to take in the post- surgery days. The way you heal is extremely important in any medical procedure. There are many warning signs that you will have to look out for. The basic goal is to ensure that you do not get any infection. The doctor will give you medication, eye drops and advisories that you have to follow. This is the only way for a smooth sailing to a life with perfect vision. The kind of improvement for vision gets depends on how high the number was to begin with. However, post the surgery, there will be a drastic improvement in your vision. In most Lasik surgeries (visit here: https://visualaidscentre.com/lasik-eye-surgery/), you have to avoid direct bright lights and winds. Even though it may not be very sunny around you, you still have to wear good quality sunglasses. Your vision will be extremely blurred and sensitive for a few days. Even if you are indoors, you will have to wear sunglasses. This will protect you from harsh indoor lighting. Even the light from your laptop screen, television and phones are very harmful at this stage. 

Your eyes will also feel dry for a few days. Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to you. You will have to use them to lubricate the eye again and again. You should also increase your fluid intake these days. They will improve the healing of the body as any toxins will flush out faster. The constant dryness will also be improved significantly. The natural progression of your vision coming back will be explained to you in detail by your doctor. It is important that you do not compare your progress with someone else’s. Each case in Lasik is different and you have to trust the word of your doctor. Therefore, you have to take things slow and avoid bright lights and ensure that your eyes are clean with the different eye drops the doctor prescribes to you.