Wedding Photography: 5 Tips You Absolutely Must Use For Success

This is part three in a series of articles I am writing to help beginning wedding photographers. Part one focused on learning lighting and exposure; part two discussed getting your equipment ready for the wedding.

You photographers online website has galleries a contact page and perhaps some other important content. Now let’s get your potential customers interested in what you have to say on a daily basis by building a blog.Search out blogs that have content that is of “value” to your audience. Get a feel for good writing and bad. Try to replicate the good stuff by posting valuable information daily, or at least on a regular basis.

Snoots are attachments that are connected to a lighting unit head to direct the light and concentrate it into a small area. Snoots come in various diameters and can narrow light to quite a small area. By using snoots photographers can aim light with great precision to hit a certain area of the subject. There is little or no spill over to other areas of the subject. The diameter of the end of the snoot and the distance the light is from the subject determine the size of the light spot.

Yes, the system was simple, but it was also very poor. The service level with that approach is terrible. The client doesn’t get a chance to understand what makes choosing you a better option than someone else. This is the same approach as 95% of other photographers and business sense tells us that if everyone offers the same thing then you’re all treated like a commodity. There’s no sense of value or differentiation in the client’s eyes, so they go for the cheapest price.

Only a handful of the people out there succeed with this method because there are only a handful of people looking to buy single snaps from specific Ronald Reagan Building DC meeting photographers. Do not bother trying to do the same.

Seek out referrals. Offer incentives to get productive referrals. Include your business cards in the delivery box you deliver to clients. Offer your clients free print credits for giving you a referral.

My point is… we photographers are so lucky to be invited in these individuals lives! We are trusted to capture those fleeting moments for our clients. Moments that pass all too quickly. But if we stay true to ourselves and the reasons we got into photography in the first place – we will be able to provide our clients with images that reflect each precious little detail and the emotions felt in that instant in their lives.