Website Designs That Work (And Some That Don’t!)

WordPress is a skill that can be learnt quickly and easily. The basics of WordPress can be learnt in 1-2 hours. You could have a 5 page website up and running within one day.

That may seem a bit hard, as some one likely have not really had enough experience to say what their area is and because of that I am going to go through the path I would recommend to anyone wishing to become a website designer.

The same goes for flash. Flash may make sites look professional to some people but it also makes it slow down. It also means that many people will have to download additional software to view your site. If you must use flash then keep it to an absolute minimum, not that many people appreciate flash websites anyway.

Some of them are designed as “Lite”, supposedly cut down, versions of paid for graphic designer 2b. The designers are using them as a showcase for their skills in the hope that you will stump up a few extra dollars for lots of added features.

Many local businesses are unable to create websites though, and you can get paid to do it for them. There are so many different businesses and people who are looking for someone to create a website for them; it can be a very lucrative opportunity.

Web Design Company are more focused towards creating a layout that are perfect and consist of simple but not boring backgrounds. The websites are designed in a way so as to avoid distraction by selecting particular kinds of layouts.

Once you become brilliant at marketing this will benefit your business first but then you’ll also be able to offer your super marketing services to your clients whose websites you’ve now designed and are hosting.