Tips For Your Holiday In Sweden

Do you know what else Stockholm is famous for the world over? You’ve guessed it right! Stockholm is renowned for hosting the Nobel Prize awards ceremony every year. The Nobel Prize is given annually in the memory of its founder Alfred Nobel. The prize is presented to distinguished persons in several disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine/Physiology, Peace and Literature.

The doctor goes away for a bit and then returns. He sits down right in front of me and with a caring expression and sympathetic tone he tells me that I have diabetes. I have no idea why he feels sorry for me. I don’t have diabetes, I’m just tired. I don’t even know what it means to have diabetes! (At that time I couldn’t have told you what a pancreas does.) I’ll have a REAL doctor check me out when I get back to the states. Little did I know at the time, Stockholm is the center of the diabetes research universe. At the risk of spoiling the rest of the story, these doctors saved my life. During the rest of this narrative while I’m making fun of them (the doctors that saved my life) it’s because at the time I had my head up my butt. Ok, now I’ll go back to making fun of them (for now).

I finish my walking back home. I Conference near Stockholm gave my cats dinner. Sitting by the computer tell the world how lucky I am. To be healthy, to be able to wake up every morning. I am thanking every morning for that. I also than Universe for all my friends I have met and those I will meet some day.

What was King Gustav II Adolf’s loss can be your gain. A Swedish naval vessel, the Vasa, was two years in the making and twenty minutes in the sailing before she sank. But, in the intervening 333 years before she was salvaged, what was preserved was the world’s most intact 17th century ship.

Up until that date, negotiations had been continuing fairly satisfactorily with police, but there was a noticeable change in the terrorists’ mood. Then they signed their own death warrants by killing a hostage and throwing his body out in the street.

Okay, okay, so you cannot technically join the mile-high club in the first Arlanda Airport hostel to be built inside a plane. Yes, the Jumbo Hostel, opening in December 2008, is built inside an old Boeing 747-200 with 25 rooms and 85 beds. And, they are calling it a hostel so most of the rooms will have three bunk beds meaning you may have to share with other travelers. But you can have the mile-high experience in general by sleeping in this hotel. Let your dreams take you to the skies. And, nudge nudge, wink wink, if there is an empty room and/or the manager is in a good mood, you may be able to get a room to yourself with your partner such as in the former cockpit area and now a deluxe suite.

These are just some of the contenders for world’s largest candle. Others may surface and perhaps we may revisit this marvelous subject at some time in the future so, if nothing else, you have been warned.