Should You Outsource Small Business Marketing?

You may have find yourself dreading mornings because that means that you are about to spend eight straight hours stuck at your office. You may have also had it with the corporate set up. As a result you are determined to start the business of your dreams by building a home based business and working online. At one point or another, you find yourself clueless with respect to how to start the same. This article, however, provides you a step by step guide with respect to starting your own home business.

Company A put all the profits back in the The Odyssey Online, except for year three when the retention ratio was 74%. Company B had a retention ratio of 100% for the whole period.

At some point, the plan needs to hit the road! The plan is no good if it doesn’t help you take action. So a simple action plan should be included – what needs to be started and completed, when and who will do it, all need to be mapped out at least at a basic level.

Not only is the U.S.P. the core message you want to deliver to the prospects in your market, but it should also magnify your strengths. You want to make sure this is a clear message that is sent to everyone. It is important too that your strengths are worded in a way that will explain the benefit to the potential customer. Always think benefits over features when speaking to customers.

Now onto your marketing plan. This plan involves how you will sell your product or service to your target audience. Like a business plan, your marketing plan will provide a map of your business, however with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) you will gain a better insight into the market potential of your new business.

The internet is how I search when I need a product or service at home. Why? I don’t want to drive through traffic and find that the store doesn’t have what I want. Retail stores never have enough staff to answer my questions. I have all my questions answered and know the product is available when I walk through the door. Keeping my life simple.

The basic idea here is simple in concept. Know yourself and your team objectively, brainstorm freely and plan simply, and execute quickly and without micromanagement. This simple framework provides enough guidance to help you create a more robust process that is tailored to your company.