Secure Your Wireless Connection

I know this is a lot of information to read and understand. Think of it as an investment and not a burden. I have tried to include what is necessary without writing a whole book about a 5 minute procedure.

On a typical Linksys router, the default setting for the subnet mask is Using a subnet mask calculator you can determine the range of IP Address that can be used on your Network.

So, read that manual again and figure out how to protect your wireless Network Security online. You will learn how to configure the passwords and about any other security features that are available with your particular router.

One method you can use is to look for patterns. For example, if someone was scanning your computer to see what ports are open, the logs will show continuous activity from the same IP Address (an intruder’s computer) sending a stream of data to many different ports to a single IP Address or range of IP Addresses.

The amount of Internet-savvy people can probably now overtake the people who do not know how to protect themselves from the harmful bad things on the Internet. Instead of leaving them to eat my dust, here are a few very helpful booter Tips regarding the importance of passwords. How are people expected to pick a safe password if they have no idea why it needs to be safe?

If you are the same kind of person as me who is interested in online shopping, you must have found that there are plenty of shopping sites. One thing we should keep in mind is not all of them are safe enough for us to shop on them. Some of them may be fake websites which just want to steal your account information on purpose. Moreover, there are some fake bank websites. So when you are ready to pay, just be careful and pay heed to those websites.

It takes only minutes to setup your router with a password. It is worth the time it takes to figure it out and then to setup your computers to access your network. It is a one time setup that will save you headaches later on if others find your unsecured network.