Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

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The basic nature of a baby boomer is that they always challenge traditions. They did it in the s the s and they continue to challenge funeral home service traditions today.

Dexter flashes back to his first date with Rita, which was set up by Deb. He realizes that he started lying to her that very first moment, as he had chosen the restaurant solely to stalk his next kill.

Deb and Dexter meet with a funeral director who specializes in cop trusted funeral home service Fort Worth. Dexter is impressed by how sincere he sounds when he tells them he is sorry for their loss. Dexter quickly excuses himself from the meeting to go observe others dealing with grief, and Deb takes over the preparations.

A stunned Dexter is sitting on his knees in the yard, holding Harrison. With the voice over stating that he has gotten what he deserves, Deb shows up and asks what happened. Dexter says it was him.

Everyone, that is, except my almost target – and fatality – Uncle Harry. He stopped walking only for a split second, shrugged, look back at me and calmly muttered “Geez, NEVER do that!” and continued on unfazed.