Online Games Can Actually Make You Relax

Very few things provide as much entertainment for the price as cheap gaming computers. A good gaming system can provide hours and hours of entertainment for friends and family. I know this because I spend several hours a week playing computer games with my brother who lives in a different state, and very few things bring us together like playing games online.

Coming to the third aspect that is Random Access Memory or RAM, you require a minimum of 1 GB RAM, for high end games this can easily go up to 4 gigs also. Also, do not forget to check the RAM’s speed as this also affects game play a lot. Hard Disk Capacity is also important. Most of the games will occupy a lot of space on your hard drive. This can be anywhere between 1 GB to even 15 GB of space per game. So when buying any of the gaming laptops make sure that you go for one that is at least 500 GB to 1 TB.

Picture this, you are heading to the local party house and all you have is the old, beat up, slow moving mouse to take with you. But wait! Here we have another mouse from the guys at Logitech that is supped up just for you. Throw that old mouse away and get some speed and mobility into those games.

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30 GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD3 Graphics: Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 1GB RAM RAM: 2x2GB Kingston Hyper X DDR 3 Power Supply: Gigabyte Plus 500 Watts Case: Don’t waste your money on tower cases. Any well ventilated case would do.

The guy spends all his time in it. He even sits in it to watch movies on his fat 42″ high-def. flat screen! He didn’t get a lot of time in it once I caught the modern warfare aimbot Chair bug though! It’s really contagious. If you’re a gamer and you haven’t bought one yet – you got to get one.

Motherboards play a vital role in gaming computer, but in the end I feel it all depends upon the type of configuration you want such as dual video card support or multi-core processor support. I personally don’t like to spend as much on motherboards as on graphic cards or processor. I tend to spend most on graphic cards, then processor and then motherboard. Also, I have never underestimated the role of a good power supply. After all, my heavy duty gaming rig must be hungry for power.

From there all you have to do is put together all of these great parts and there you have yourself a perfect gaming PC. There are many cheap laptops out there that can be converted into a great gaming PC, and if you are not ready to invest in a laptop, desktop computers are even cheaper. Keep in mind that the cheap laptops can go just about anywhere with you and with a few simple adjustments and additions you can have an amazing gaming experience right at home as well.