Make Your Own Pop Up Christmas Cards

Let me say this loud and clear right up front – I am a very loved and loving person. Love has surrounded me my entire life for which I am eternally grateful having experienced the love of many people in my lifetime and loving many people.

Try some choral singing. Sit everyone around the room or in a circle outside and sing songs where a quarter of the circle starts, and the next quarter comes in after a few bars.

In the early periods the truck cards were printed with the name of the company, the number of the vehicle registered and just a place for signature on the back side of it. At that time there were no electronic data stored on the card. So a transaction sheet was used where the card was used as ‘stamped’.

No more feeling helpless, buried under tasks and maxed out on time. No more wondering IF your company’s current fleet fuel management programs are working, or WHY they aren’t. Yes, you are considered the fuel expert for your company, so make an executive decision and steer your company down the road to increased profits and decreased expenses. Reach out to industry fleet fueling experts that have the insight you need to optimize your programs. No more same old, same old. Fleet fuel experts have access to essential industry data and proven performance records that can put you back on track so you don’t have to hold your breath each week. Let the fuel prices do what they will do knowing that you have the power to put your company on solid ground.

Then, double check for any grammatical or typographical errors that need to be corrected. You would not want to give a card that looks haphazardly done.

Cut up rectangular and square images from recycled buy truck cards. When you look at the Christmas card you may think that you can’t cut out just a piece because it will look funny. In reality, one Christmas card can be used to make six to eight recycled Christmas gift tags.

A fuel card can work in a number of different ways. They can be restricted purely to the purchase of petrol and diesel or set up to allow the user to buy items available in the shop on the forecourt. Safeguards are built into usage. Obviously the concern is they might be used inappropriately. Fleet managers can be set up with alerts to alleviate these concerns. If large amounts of fuel are being bought, or at a strange time of day, a warning is sent to alert the office to what is happening.

Think of all the cars you would like to drive but don’t think you can afford. With leasing, all those cars are now in your realm of possibility. The option of not having to pay for individual maintenance services or roadside assistance. The ability to drive a different car every few years. The security of knowing what your payments are, not having the hassle of buying or selling and not worrying about the residual value. Car life made simple.