Laser Acne Treatments

The mole is a concentration of skin pigmentation, which appear elevated from the skin. On the other hand, a skin tag is a mass of skin cells that seem to hang from the skin, connected by a thin stem. When located on exposed parts like the neck, hands and face, these skin blemishes can be embarrassing. This is why people do mole skin removal.

Glycolic acid – Increases the collagen reproduction in your skin. This can only be administered by a dermatologist. The cost is approx 100us dollars per treatment. 3-4 treatments are suggested before expecting visible results.

The other options involve products that are advertised as being more natural. These products are found with a quick internet search. Most will claim that they product is absorbed into the skin tag where it does its work.

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This is a great advantage when compared to waxing, plucking and shaving which call for repeated treatments. The intense pulsed lights used by some salons or clinics are often described as a form of laser. This is an inaccurate statement. The same results cannot be achieved. The intense pulsed light calls for greater expertise and a great deal of instrument adjustment on the part of the user.

Many people will choose to go to a doctor. The doctor who deals with skin issues is a dermatologist. The dermatologist has two major choices. These choices are removal by cryosurgery and by using a laser.

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