How To Choose The Best Diamond Cut

There are four traditional criteria for diamond evaluation: cut, carat, clarity and color. Many jewelers will advise you that diamond color is the most important of these and that you should spend as much as you can afford on buying a top color grade. But these are the criteria used by dealers and diamond investors, and they shouldn’t be confused with the criteria you need to apply when choosing a stone you like at a price you can afford. To the untrained eye, even a diamond with a middle color grade between G and I will look as attractive as an E or F.

To ensure that you get the best value ring, make sure that you see the grading certificate of the center diamond online, this will tell you the Carat weight of that stone. If the store won’t show you this, then leave.

And fourth is the diamond’s cut. This is also referred to as the shape of a diamond, which could be oval, pear, or round. A diamond reflects light more brilliantly if it is proportionately cut. Cut is measured by percentages, so when you ask about the cuts percentage, 60% is a descent percentage and is reasonably balanced for most shapes.

In fact, this is that cut that goes in close accordance with the molecular structure of a diamond. The element of fire is often associated with this cut.

Bruting is the process that gives the diamond its cone shape at the bottom. The stone is set in a lathe and spun. As it is spinning, another diamond is held against its side, smoothing it into a cone shape. Bruting is also sometimes referring to as “rounding”, or “girdling”. The particular cut style (round, princess, etc) will play a role on how steep the girdling will be.

Color refers to the natural tint of diamond. Usually, colorless diamond or near colorless diamond are more valuable than those diamond with clear colors. You should base your consideration of this factor on your budget.

Regardless of your choice in diamond engagement rings you will likely have an easier time of picking just the right one for your someone special by understanding the process and the basics of diamonds. This will allow you to understand what you need to have accomplished in order to achieve the perfect diamond for your budget.