Hassle-Free Way To Stop Excessive Hand Sweating

I have been trying to stop my feet from sweating for over 20 years, I have tried everything even baby powder! But nothing worked…I was embarrassed countless times in everyday situations and the awful smell didn’t help either. Until I one day stumbled upon a treatment called “iontophoresis”.

If this does not work on your sweaty hands then you can try gpugrid.net/team_display.php?teamid=168612 which is a process using mild electric current and water to thicken the skin on the feet or hands. The thicker skin blocks the sweat from coming to the surface.

Botox injections: These will help prevent sweat substantially. But this treatment will provide you with relief for about 6 months only. You will need to get repeat injections after that. There is a major problem associated with this treatment. There are a number of people who have felt that their hand muscles have weakened for some weeks after the treatment. That is why; specialists are not in favor of this treatment.

But the issue with Botox injections is that you may experience sever bruising in the place where you get the injection. Don’t worry; the bruising will disappear after a few days. The other problem you may come up against with Botox is the fact that you’ll have to get the injection every 6 months in order to keep getting results.

Despite the fact that from the very moment your surgery is over and done with you have dry palms, you come face to face with sweating in other areas of your body that weren’t a problem before.

A common treatment for excessive sweating is antiperspirant. This contains aluminum chloride which helps block sweat from coming out the pores. It is one of the usual remedies that people buy because it does not cost much. This is also a perfect choice for those who prefer not to have surgeries. Antiperspirant may come as roll – on, topical spray or lotion.

It is of course an embarrassing condition to have especially when living everyday facing the public or even families. Unpleasant odors and wet sweat marks are most common physical effects of extreme sweating. The worst part is it may lead to people not being able to perform the daily tasks; end up hiding away because of the condition. Emotionally and socially, lives are changed in a way or another because of the uncontrolled sweats that disrupts the normal life of people. Thus, any treatment for excessive sweating is sought after by people nowadays.

Do one treatment per day to cure your sweaty palms in just 10 days or do two treatments per day to cure them in 5 days. Once your palms stop sweating you will only need to do one treatment per two to three weeks.