Get Published – Writer’s Block – Lack Of Planning?

If you have been staring at a blank screen, with the next American best seller right there on the tip of your fingers and yet you cannot figure out how to bring it out, you might have writers block. Do not panic, all writers experience writers block at some point in their careers and most writers experience it frequently. Try any or all of these top ten tips for pushing past writers block and figure out the best way to get your novel done.

Some characters, scenes, dialogues may need to be done away with or reshuffled, and new ones added. Greenhorns curious to become skilled at learning how to turn a novel into a screenplay must take inspiration by their elder, seasoned writers and read compositions by them. This will give them enough know-how and the courage to make their first attempt. The next point that must be attended to is voice.

What is meant by tight writing? Among other things it means the writing is spare, lean, that is to say, every word used must earn its place in the novel. It also means that the language used is at its most simple with short sentences and paragraphs, saying exactly what the writer wants to convey to the reader.

Because you have an outline, your blueprint for your novel, you know from the beginning how the remarried empress chapter 1 ends. Sometimes it helps to write the last chapter first — it focuses you on where your novel is heading. Of course, sometimes things change as you progress and you may have to revise your final chapter. But you have to edit and rewrite the entire book anyway.

Chit-chat is not dialogue. Dialogue has a specific purpose in the novel; it informs the reader of what is happening and in doing so pushes the plot forward.

This mystery can’t just be a passing comment in the story. It needs to be the bones of the story. Therefore, the very first step in writing your novel is to figure out what mystery your main character is going to solve.

That’s how it goes – you keep talking to yourself about the novel you want to write until you chase down the core of it. This example above seems to have this theme: love is more powerful than reason. That’s the theme as I see it. You may see it in another way entirely. But how we see it depends on our life experience and attitudes. There is no right and wrong. What we take from something is a reflection of our personality.