Engagement Diamond Ring

The extraordinary glitz and sparkling appeal of diamonds have created a stir in the world. Considered as a girl’s best friend, diamonds are no longer associated with just women. These days even men like to wear this sparkling stone. When it comes to buying jewelry for men, diamond rings top the chart of popularity. There are many online jewelry stores that offer a wide range of certified diamond rings for men at affordable prices.

The carat weight is another property of the diamond ring that you have to take into consideration. When it comes to weight, the heavier the diamond price is, the more expensive it is going to be so you’ll want to consider how much you are willing and able to spend in order to get her what she wants. She may want a ring with more carat weight, but not necessarily in one stone. In this case you might consider purchasing something like the three stone diamond engagement ring where there are multiple stones and not just one. If she wants a large diamond but you simply cannot afford to purchase the best quality stone, then you can always downgrade on the quality in order to get her the size she is looking for.

A Round Brilliant diamond will generally be listed as having 57 or 58 facets. The difference between the 57 and the 58 facets is the culet. When the culet is ignored, because there is no culet, i.e. it was polished to a point, the diamond is listed at 57 facets. When the culet is open, it is considered an additional facet and is then listed at 58 facets.

Aesthetically, do you want your ring or necklace to have a single diamond – like the classic solitaire engagement ring? Or would you rather have many smaller diamonds and create an effect that is more dazzling?

Did you know that jewelers are actually allowed to advertise a diamond as being one grade more than it really is? This means that an advertised 1 Carat online diamond with a color grade of G, and clarity grade of VS1 could actually be a .90 Carat diamond, with a color grade H and clarity of VS2.

For those proposing, plan for your proposal! Get the place booked! Prepare for contingency plans if it rains! Make sure that you have a plan B available if you cannot proceed with plan A. I have some proposal ideas too if you need some brain storming!

Always remember if you will wear a beautiful pair of diamond earrings in a party then everyone will want to have a chat with you. And always remember that it does not matter that diamond used in your earring is small or large or whether its prices are cheap. This is the magic of diamond earrings.