Deciding What To Sell On Ebay

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Flash forward to New Year’s Day 2005, where I vividly remember standing in front of my mailbox clutching a fistful of query letters to literary agents after I’d spent two years completing my first memoir, America’s Boy It was cold, and I was shivering, but not because of the temperature. I was nearly 40. As I mentioned, I hated my job. And my mom was tired, after having lost a son too early, of her only remaining child being unhappy, unfulfilled, not living his dream.

And that’s what I still try and remember every day, focus on in each and every memoir: I write about everyday life from a unique perspective – with a whopping dose of humor and cynicism – touching upon those themes that touch us all, be it unconditional love, loss, family, sex, relationships, jobs, self-esteem, neuroses, dreams. I believe that the very best books force us to hold a mirror up to our collective faces and take a good long hard look at what’s reflected back. And that image always looks so much better if we somehow manage to smile, even through all those damn tears.

There are places you can buy them which may or may not be cheaper than other places, you just have to look around for the best prices. It is great to have a good set and a spare in case you have to wash the other set. You can buy sets that are different designs and even solid colors. I once found a complete set at a thrift store Dallas TX and it only cost me six dollars.

Remember, you are buying at a huge discount. If a piece does not fit quite right, but is otherwise perfect for you, buy it and splurge on alterations – you’ll likely still come out ahead money wise.

Idea #1: Look at your families financial situation closely. Even if your family is not struggling to make ends meet now, you might be soon. No one is immune from losing their job so take an extra look at ways you can save money before you are in a dire situation.

Thrifting is the new it thing to do! It’s cost efficient, good for the earth and good for you! Make sure to make some time when you go on your trips and look at the visit as an adventure to find some great new items. What is better than finding a unique and cute top for only 50 cents?! I can’t find anything as fun :)!