Cheap Wedding Photographers Are A Great Way To Slice The Wedding Budget

Taking photos is fun. What’s more fun is getting paid for taking digital photos. Then you can spend more time doing what you enjoy. It’s now easier than ever to earn extra money from your images by selling them online. Lots of people do it, and you can too.

Most couples decide on a wedding photographer according to their price, because at this stage of the wedding planning, the cash flow are running low. Now not all low-priced photographers online are bad but you do get them and it is of utmost importance that the wedding couple take time to look at the photographers portfolio. Each photographer has his/her own style and that style needs to fit into your theme planned for your day. A photographer can’t be chosen for its price but has to chosen for it’s style. As a bride you do not check the internet for a wedding planner and find one that is 50% less than the rest and just say, yes lets do that, without speaking to them and checking if they can accommodate your theme, the one that you have decided on.

You also need to remove your prices from your website because the prices are meaningless until the client has been educated. Again, the education process is subtle, not a hard sell. You’re helping the prospect see what can be done with portrait photography and elevating yourself above the shoot and burn photographers. People who want something really special will be happy to invest more. The more involved clients are in the process the more they’ll value what you do. It’s the difference between having a tailored suit or one off the rack.

You will be submitting your photos to stock photo websites. These websites are very popular and receive thousands of visitors a day. People come to these websites to get stock photos that they can use for artistic projects, advertisements, videos, company logos, etc. These sites are where you will be selling your photos to the people that need the photos. There are many stock photo websites that are very hungry for Washington DC Corporate Head Shot photography to sign up for.

Your next step after education is to brand your work. You must always appear professional, over-deliver and offer products that cannot be found elsewhere. Be the “Coach purse” of your industry. With computer enhancements and Photoshop it is easier than ever to brand your own imagery. Brand, brand, brand can not be emphasized enough.

He shot weddings in the same nice attire that all the other photographers shot in, he had the same photography equipment as most of them… so what it comes down to is how he marketed himself and what his perceived value was. Word of mouth among the affluent about this “high-end” photographer allowed him to do very well in his business but behind the scenes, he was laughing all the way to the bank. A good photographer is a good photographer. You can change his/her perceived value around with a twist of marketing and words. The thing is, many photographers are not always great business people. If they were, they would open up their own studios and charge whatever they like. In fact, often inexpensive photographers can be true artists.

These are the only things you need to successfully make money selling photos online. The next time you are thinking of posting a photo on Facebook, think twice before you do. Think about the potential money it can earn you if upload and sell it on your own website and simply update your Facebook status that you have an online photo up for sale. The money you can make may buy you the digital camera you have been dreaming about.