An Interview On Home Inspections With Shawn Foster Of Bluewater Inspections

While woodturning is one of the safest activities in the home workshop, it still uses power tools and sharp implements. Safety precautions should be taken to make a safe activity even safer. There are a few pieces of safety equipment that woodturners should own and use.

You will also want to have some old newspaper to cover the areas around the stencil from overspray. Spray paint has Face respirator a way of going everywhere. It gets carried in the wind and lands on any exposed surface. So it’s important to cover anything you don’t want to have a painted haze.

The quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive are the simple white dust masks that you see all the time in all the home centers and hardware stores. With such protection so easy to find and cheap to buy, you should never be without them.

And of course you will need some solder. You can get a reel of tin-lead rosin cored solder from your local electronics shop. Any kind of wire type tin-lead electronic solder is fine.

Next, check all around the chip, by looking from the top, to make sure that all of the pins are nicely lined up with all of the pads. Don’t bump the board otherwise the chip will move and you will have to realign again.

I also recommend using an in-line separator and nozzle with your air compressor. A separator is simply a cylindrical device that connects in-line with your air hose and nozzle. It separates out any moisture from the air that is coming out of the compressor, so that the air that comes out of the nozzle is relatively dry.

Now that the chip is in position, it is ready to be tacked down with a few solder blobs. To tack the chip down, start by putting a little blob of solder onto the chisel tip of your soldering iron.

#6- Paint ‘er up! Boom! Just like that, prep pays off. If you did the proper prep then final paint coats are a breeze.This is the part that anyone can do. but don’t get too cocky, not following manufacture specs as to proper temps and applications can still ruin a well prepped job. Just remember to take your time and have pride in your work, the final product WILL show it!