A Shower Kit For Your New Bathroom

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The moist and humid conditions of the bathroom produce ideal atmosphere for Sanosil and mildew to grow. The wall paneling solution has overcome this problem for all of us. We need never again to be bending over the walls scrubbing and almost passing out from the harsh odors of the detergents needed to get them clean. Wall paneling adds character to the room while protecting the walls from moisture.

It’s amazing what Mould Remediation can be done in a few short hours to any roof that hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time. With a little TLC, we’ll have your terracotta or cement tiled roofs ready for show on the same day. Go outside your home or office block right now and take a hard look at the state of your roof. Does it need a clean? Do you want to see what colour your tiles used to be?

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There are other factors to consider as well – such as if there were recent renovations, if you just had your furnace replaced, if you smoke indoors, if your cold air return vents are on the floor versus the walls, and others.

From using our advanced high pressure cleaning system to remove the algae, to treating your roof with an anti fungal solution, we ensure it doesn’t return for a very long time. We also use this opportunity to repair or replace cracked tiles, and then re-point the ridge capping on your roof. Our roof restoration service is 100% complete, and even comes with an optional sealer that will enhance the colour of your newly cleaned roof.

The best way though as to make sure the tiles are cleaned regularly in the ways described above. Making sure you are setting time aside for the smaller jobs as well as the bigger ones at regular intervals is key in keeping your bathroom tiles shiny and new looking and free from mould and mildew.