5 Reasons WordPress Is Better Than Blogger

You know you want to start a blog, but how does this whole blogging thing work? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. Here are 7 quick and easy tips to get you started.

Social sites like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger are pretty user friendly for basic blogging. I have a Tumblr & and Cynthia. Considering I knew nothing when I got started, I was able to get mine up and running after some trial and error. But I had to spend a lot of time designing the look and adding plug – ins. Not my cup of tea, but I got it eventually.

WordPress templates are completely apart from the backend system. The way your site will look will be determined by a number of files that are titled template or theme. You can easily edit the way the site looks by editing the files that are placed in your template folders. This again means you will not be touching the backend system and therefore not messing up anything back there. If you want to, you can create your own WordPress templates, but this is not a must at all.

WordPress is what’s known as an open-source platform. That means that anyone can develop new things for WordPress, such as themes, plugins, widgets and other things that give WordPress sites more functionality. And all of those things must adhere to the strict standards of the WordPress Codex.

Go Minimal – A lot of websites are all about the fancy graphics, huge images and cutting edge looks. What if you did the opposite? Wouldn’t your site stand out just by contrast alone. I think so. In fact, I believed in it so much I did a complete minimal redesign of my WordPress blog. Although it is hard to quantify how effective it was, I did notice I made it into a couple “showcase” sites. These sites profile unique blog design and I received some significant traffic from them. When everyone is concerned with bigger, brighter and louder, toning things down can actually make you get noticed first.

WordPress templates allow your wordpress layout to be different from every other site. Templates can be downloaded free. You’ll need to have some basic knowledge of FTP to upload these templates. Once the templates have been uploaded, installing them is simply a matter of point and click. Its common to install a variety of templates and finding one that suits your theme.

Depending on your target audience you may want to have posts publish in the morning, at night, or midday. Play around with it a bit to find the sweet spot. If you’re heading out of town or on vacation do a bunch of posts and schedule them out. This way your blog readers get a steady stream of content and it looks like you work on your blog each and every day. If you think about this ability you’ll be sure to find a ton of circumstances where it’s helpful!